Phoenix Party Bus Prices & Hourly Rental Rates

You will not believe how cost effective it actually is to rent a party bus or limousine for the day. What you are paying for in the price of a vehicle, you are making up in other areas. You won’t have to worry about traffic, parking fees, or the possible cost of a DUI if you were to get pulled over after a night at the bars. You can go to as many destinations as you would like, and you will always be dropped off at the door. Our vehicles range in price, so you can choose the one that fits your budget. Our rates our competitive and we can promise you won’t find a better deal in the area. To get an idea of an exact quote, call us today. Our booking specialists will ask you what date you are interested in, how many passengers you need to accommodate, and where you will be going in order to determine your rate.

We want you to have a magical night, so we try to work with you to fit within your budget. Ask if we are offering packages for your special events, including weddings, Quinceaneras, and more! Considering the quality of vehicle you will receive, and the world class treatment that you'll love... You are going to end up with a great deal! PHX Party Bus is undoubtedly the best value in luxury transportation in the Phoenix and Tempe area!

If your budget is tight, let us offer some advice on how to make a party bus or limousine work. First of all, contemplate breaking up the price among your guests. They won’t mind paying for a great experience, and it actually breaks down to be very affordable for everybody. It is also helpful to avoid peak times, including weekends, holidays, and wedding season. Our rates increase when we are busy! Finally, staying in our service area will definitely help. Local service will ensure that you do not receive any extra fuel surcharges. If you think you might be going outside our service area, do not be afraid to ask! We do not want you to be caught off guard by any charges. You will never get hit with hidden fees by Party Bus Phoenix!

You won't believe how affordable our prices are for your biggest days!